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Why Replace Your Heat Pump Today


Spring is approaching fast and milder temperatures are already showing up. You may be able to use your heat pump a little less than you have in the past few months but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to it. In fact, you should be paying more attention to it right now.

This time of the year is one of the most opportune to replace a heat pump that is wearing down.

If your heat pump is struggling to do its job, you shouldn’t hesitate to replace it. A heat pump that is struggling to heat your home is going to have the same issue cooling your home come the summer. Getting ahead of a breakdown will ultimately save time, money, and peace of mind!

4 Reasons to Schedule Replacement Today

If you’re already hunting for “air conditioning replacement near me” then it’s likely that you already have a hunch that your heat pump is on its way to retirement. We applaud you for recognizing the signs. We also want to encourage you to schedule the appointment for a closer date rather than a later one.

Getting your heat pump replaced before it completely breaks down is going to prove beneficial moving forward, even if you aren’t worried about using the system too much right now. Here are some benefits that a prompt replacement can offer you:

  1. Easier appointment scheduling: Scheduling your system replacement now can give you the ease of scheduling your appointment for a date and time that works better for you. You won’t be stuck with getting your replacement scheduled for the first available appointment that may throw off your day or week because you can’t get the cool air you need to handle the high temperatures.
  2. Reliable heating and cooling: Have you ever driven a car that you know needs repairs? That’s kind of what it’s like to run a heat pump that needs replacement. You know that something is going to give out, whether that’s while it’s in heating mode or cooling mode. However, upgrading your system will mean that you won’t have that worry on your shoulders anymore. You can trust that a new system (when it’s professionally installed) will provide you with reliable comfort without hassle.
  3. Rebates and tax credits: Upgrading your heat pump now means that you stand to benefit from the funding offered by the High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebate Act (HEEHRA). Depending on your household income, you could see up to 80% or more of your system and labor costs covered.
  4. No downtime later in the year: Replacing your heat pump now is going to help you in the future. For one thing, you won’t be worrying about whether your heat pump will give out during a heat wave. For another thing, you’ll get up to a decade or more of service from a new system, along with lowered energy bills.

Looking to get ahead of a heat pump breakdown? Let’s work together to solve your comfort issues.

Schedule your heat pump upgrade with Ace Hardware Home Services Thank you for choosing Ace Hardware Home Services!

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