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Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

Monday, August 21st, 2023

If your heat pump is older or experiencing persistent problems, you may be at a fork in the road. Do you invest in repairs or go ahead and install an entirely new heat pump system? It really depends on the situation, but we do have a few key considerations that can help you make your decision.

Our team is always here to answer your questions about heat pump repairs and heat pump replacement. You can keep reading to learn more about when you might choose to replace your heat pump instead of repairing it. And you can always give us a call to schedule an in-home assessment where we can offer our expert opinion and outline your replacement options.

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Treat Yourself With a Heat Pump This Fall

Monday, November 4th, 2019

While you got your fill of tricks and treats over the weekend, we are hoping that you’ve still got room for one more (a treat, that is!) Heat pumps are the ultimate fall treat, as they are super efficient, effective, and have the ability to provide year-round comfort with just the flip of a switch (yes, you’re right — this one sounds like more of a trick, but it’s true! We swear!)

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about heat pumps, and below, we have listed some of them for you. All you’ve got to do is keep reading to find out more (oh, and of course, remember to schedule your heating services in Mooresville, NC with our team.)

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Do You Know When to Call for Heat Pump Repairs?

Monday, May 6th, 2019

With summer fast approaching, you want to be sure that your heat pump is equipped to handle the heat! Before you know it, you’ll toggle on in to cooling mode and enjoying the cooling relief that only an efficient heat pump can offer. Of course, though, your heat pump is only going to work efficiently and effectively this summer if it is in good working condition. Otherwise, you could be left dealing with a boatload of problems.

If your heat pump isn’t working as it should, now is definitely the time to call for repairs! Scheduling your heat pump AC repair in Statesville, NC at the first sign of a problem is the best way to prevent costly breakdowns and sky-high energy bills. However, many homeowners have trouble determining the best time to call for heat pump repair, as identifying the signs can be a bit tricky. So below, we have outlined just some of the signs that suggest your system is due for services. Keep reading to find out more!

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