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Serving Hickory and the Catawba Valley Area, Since 1990

Serving Hickory and the Catawba Valley Area, Since 1990


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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators

We use the acronym HVAC all the time: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. Heating and air conditioning are what we’re known for best, but ventilation is also there for a reason. Proper ventilation doesn’t just keep heating and AC systems running, it also helps ensure good air quality and efficient energy usage. Your basic AC or heating system is equipped to run according to efficiency standards, but when it comes to maximizing comfort, efficiency, and air quality all at the same time, they need a little extra help. That’s where heat and energy recovery ventilators come in.

HRV and ERV systems can’t just be installed anywhere, though. Integrating them into your existing HVAC system takes not just expertise, but experience with several different brands. We at Canella Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are the company to do it for you. And while technically we are just another HVAC company, you’ll find that the moment you speak to one of our technicians, you’re not just talking to a contractor—you're talking to someone who sees you as family. We’re dedicated to helping the community however we can, and we’ve been doing so since 1990 for the Hickory, Catawba Valley, and Unifour areas.

For any and all of your HRV and ERV system needs, contact us for a free estimate. We’ll show you what it means to be part of the Canella family.

The HVAC and Air Quality Dilemma

In order to use air conditioners and heaters at their maximum efficiency in Hickory, NC, it’s important to keep a tight seal. That means no open doors, no open windows, and sealants or weather stripping applied to openings. However, this causes the air in circulation to become "stale." This can trap indoor pollutants and create an imbalance in humidity levels.

Fortunately, Canella Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers products that can keep your air fresh without compromising efficiency. The most common are heat and energy recover ventilators. These devices work by mixing indoor and outdoor air, exchanging the two, and then reintroducing them back inside and outside. The fresh, outdoor air will be filtered inside the home, and the old, stale air from inside will be sent outside.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills with an ERV or HRV System

Heat recovery ventilators work just as described above. Energy recovery ventilators, however, also transfer moisture between the air currents. This helps balance humidity, which can be useful in maintaining not just efficiency but comfort. Both systems reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems and improve indoor air quality.

When the alternative is to open a window at the same time that you’re heating or cooling the air, you end up wasting a lot of energy. In fact, it’s estimated that HRV and ERV systems recover around 70% to 80% of the energy that would otherwise be lost by opening the windows. If your goal is to improve efficiency and alleviate some of the costs of fuel—whether it’s natural gas or electricity—recovery ventilators can help you.

To find out more about how your system can benefit from heat recovery ventilator and energy recovery ventilator systems, contact us today to schedule your free estimate.


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