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Lincolnton, NC Air Conditioning and Heating Services

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When you need HVAC services, being fast and efficient is great. The only thing better is being fast, efficient, and trustworthy. Ace Hardware Home Services is dedicated to upholding those values as your family in the HVAC business. The truth is, we just like helping however we can, and full heating and air services is just one way we do that. Those throughout Lincolnton, NC and the surrounding areas know that the Ace Hardware Home Services family is always just a phone call away. If we can’t help you, we’ll find someone who can, so get in touch with us today to schedule your free estimate. Choose Ace Hardware Home Services to Get Every Ounce of Comfort You Deserve. Contact our team today to schedule HVAC services in Lincolnton, NC and the surrounding area!

Lincolnton, NC AC Repair & Maintenance

Need a quick AC tune-up? Even if you’re just getting a simple air conditioning maintenance check, that’s all the more reason that you should only rely on a professional. Maintenance is estimated to prevent 85% of AC repair problems, but that’s only if it’s done by certified experts. We’ll make sure your air conditioning repair and maintenance is done right the first time with a one year 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re the trusted choice for air conditioning services in Lincolnton, NC and the surrounding area.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Getting your air conditioning installation done right the first time is incredibly important. A lazy or bad installation can have a profound effect on your home comfort, and it might even lead to you needing to get air conditioning replacement (you’ll be paying for two air conditioners at that point!). When you need a new air conditioner, the Ace Hardware Home Services family in Lincolnton, NC will make sure that everything is done right from the very start.

Heater Repair & Maintenance in Lincolnton, NC

The cold, winter months are often remembered fondly: holidays, family dinners, hot cocoa and marshmallows. Of course, those memories are only good because you were warm and comfortable at the time! It’s unfortunate timing, but many heater repairs are needed right in the middle of the coldest times. The Ace Hardware Home Services family can help you stay warm throughout the cold seasons with regular heating maintenance and furnace repair. Call our team right away to schedule heating services in Lincolnton and the surrounding area.

Heating Installation & Replacement

How do you know it’s time for heater replacement in Lincolnton, NC? The short answer is: when the cost to maintain your heater costs more than installing a new one. Every heater will have its share of repair issues, but after 10 or 15 years, it won’t be uncommon to start having those issues more and more. At this point, a new heating installation is your most economical choice. When it comes to that point, you can rely on Ace Hardware Home Services.

Indoor Air Quality

Raising your indoor air quality is a great way to relieve the symptoms of allergies and asthma. However, we can’t let you purchase just any air filters or air purifiers. After performing a thorough test of your air’s quality, we’ll help you find the best solution so you don’t have to waste money on methods that won’t work. We can also help you control your humidity-a factor enabling poor indoor air quality-to improve your overall comfort through dry and humid seasons.

Maintenance Plus Program

More Than Just a Tune-Up!

  • Discounts on Replacements and Repairs
  • Priority Service
  • Flexible, “Set It and Forget It” Scheduling

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