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Conover, NC Air Conditioning & Heating Services

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Ace Hardware Home Services is a company that cares. We have multiple affiliations within our community such as Habitat for Humanity and Advanced Energy-a nonprofit energy consulting firm. Why should this matter? Well because it means we are truly committed to customer happiness, not just getting in to get the job done and calling it a day. Contact our Conover, NC HVAC professionals for whatever your needs may be. We truly do it all, and if there’s any job we can’t handle, we will find someone who can! We strive to be your community resource and to make you feel like you’re truly part of the Ace Hardware Home Services family. We don’t just sell HVAC products, we provide a peace of mind. Choose Ace Hardware Home Services to get every ounce of comfort you deserve!

Conover, NC AC Repair & Maintenance

What’s that noise? If you hear a banging, moaning, buzzing, hissing, or humming coming from your air conditioner, and none of these noises match the normal operation of your air conditioner, then we are afraid something is very wrong with your cooling system. It might be a loose component that just needs to be tightened. In more serious cases, it could be a refrigerant leak, which won’t allow the equipment to function correctly. All these problems can be checked during your air conditioning maintenance session.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Choosing an air conditioner for your Conover, NC home is not a "one-size-fits-all" scenario, quite literally. In fact, just as too small of a system won’t cool your living space effectively, too large of a system can be detrimental too. Your air conditioner will go through a process called short-cycling, which is inefficient and will end up costing you in a premature air conditioning replacement or emergency repairs.

Heater Repair & Maintenance in Conover, NC

Conover, NC is no place for a failing heater. If you notice that no matter how high you turn the thermostat up, your furnace or heating system just can’t effectively do its job, then you may be due for heater repairs. Typically, with heating maintenance, you’ll be well aware of these repair needs ahead of time. But no matter when you find out, be sure to schedule repairs before the problem gets worse.

Heating Installation & Replacement

Looking into repairing a heater, and wondering if it’s actually time for a heater replacement? We can help you make that choice! It’s important to remember that just because a piece of equipment is fixable, it doesn’t mean it’s worth the cost. If a heating repair is going to cost half of what that heater is worth, it’s almost always more cost effective to go with a heater replacement instead. And when it comes time for you to invest in a heater replacement, we’re the team to call!

Indoor Air Quality

Do you ever wonder what the humidity levels are in your home? Chances are, unless you’ve already talked to an indoor air quality expert (like the folks on our team), you don’t give this a lot of thought. Those levels should be between 30-50% and anything lower or higher can create problems for both your house and your health. Contact us today and learn about our humidifier and dehumidifier options to keep your household protected all year round.

Maintenance Plus Program

More Than Just a Tune-Up!

  • Discounts on Replacements and Repairs
  • Priority Service
  • Flexible, “Set It and Forget It” Scheduling

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