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Serving Hickory and the Catawba Valley Area, Since 1990

Serving Hickory and the Catawba Valley Area, Since 1990


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Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

There are usually two reasons you’re thinking of installing a new air conditioner. One is that you’ve never had air conditioning before, and you’re thinking it’s time to finally take the plunge. The second is that you’re actually replacing your previous air conditioner (and there’s even more reasons for why you might want to make a replacement).

What we’re trying to say is that making the decision to install an air conditioner isn’t always straightforward or easy. Just as you sometimes might rely on your family to make tough decisions, we believe you should also rely on a trusted, family-operated HVAC company to help you with your AC installation. Canella Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. has been helping the Hickory, Catawba Valley, and Unifour areas for over 2 decades, providing help however we can. While there’s no doubt we’re an HVAC company, our primary business is selling convenience and comfort of mind. Call our team today to schedule air conditioning installation in Hickory, NC and the surrounding area.

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Choosing an Air Conditioner for Installation

So, which system will give you the most out of your air conditioning installation? It all depends on you, of course, but we can give you some ideas based on the most common reasons for installation.

  • Replacing an Aged Unit: As air conditioners get older, they begin to lose their efficiency. Maintaining them eventually becomes so expensive that it’s better to go for air conditioning replacement with a newer model.
  • Upgrading for Efficiency: A particularly old air conditioner may be rated at a much lower efficiency level, or the fuel-source used may not be convenient for the homeowner. Sometimes, cutting your losses and upgrading to a different system is the best decision for your wallet.
  • Trying Something New: One particular type of AC might not be a good fit for your preferences, design choice, or budget. Whether you’ve inherited an AC when you moved in, or if you simply want to change your mind after several years, replacing for the AC you do want can be a great decision.

Schedule Air Conditioning Installation Today

Canella Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. doesn’t just offer any air conditioner for installation. We choose units that make sense for residents of Hickory, NC, considering factors like the climate, efficiency, and simply based on what works best for our customers and their homes.

Every air conditioner is different, even if the only difference is their manufacturer. That’s why it pays to have only a licensed and insured HVAC company perform your AC installations and replacements for you. To learn more about our Hickory-area AC installation process, call our team today!

When to call for Air Conditioning Replacement

Although there are many answers to this question, the best time for air conditioning replacement is when your current AC is costing you more than it would if you installed a new one. Aging air conditioners will decline in efficiency, demanding more and more costly repairs over time. Alternatively, you might find that your current system is costing more than what’s estimated for a newer, more efficient model.

Doing the research can seem daunting, but when you get the help of a qualified expert of AC replacement and installation like Canella Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., you won’t have anything to worry about.

Does Your Current AC System Use R-22 Refrigerant?

Here’s what you should know--the last air conditioners that use R-22 refrigerant were installed around 2010. The use of this type of refrigerant has been phased out due to how unhealthy it is for the environment. Manufacture of R-22 stopped in January 2021. You can have your old AC system recharged (refilled) with R-22 if it has a refrigerant leak, but it’s probably best if you don’t. It’s very expensive to do so and you’re looking at possibly replacing the system soon anyway.

The better option for your long-term budget and comfort is to upgrade to a newer, high-efficiency air conditioning system. Not only will it be more environmentally friendly, but you can rest assured that, as long as it is professionally installed and maintained, it will perform more powerfully and efficiently than your aging air conditioner.


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