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Thermostat Tips for Spring in Hickory, NC

Spring is here in Hickory, NC, and that means it’s time to change your thermostat habits. Follow these five thermostat tips from Canella Heating & Air Conditioning for more efficient HVAC use this spring.

Set fan to AUTO

Make sure your thermostat fan is set to AUTO this spring. The AUTO setting tells the blower fan to operate only when cold air is being produced. When the fan is set to ON, it will blow constantly which can force warm air into your home. Set your thermostat to AUTO this spring!

Programmable thermostat from Canella Heating & Air Conditioning

Your HVAC system should be equipped with a programmable thermostat. If you have an outdated manual model, it’s time to upgrade. Use a programmable thermostat that allows you to preset temperatures for different times of the day for maximum air conditioning efficiency.

Raise the temperature in your Hickory, NC, home

Once you’ve got your new programmable thermostat, try turning it up a few degrees above your normal setting. Each degree you raise the temperature will reduce your energy usage and lower your energy bills this spring. See how high you can go while still feeling cool and comfortable!

Check thermostat batteries this spring

The beginning of spring is a great time to make sure your thermostat has fresh batteries. If your thermostat has been malfunctioning or has completely shut off, there is a good chance that the batteries are dead. Change the batteries in your thermostat to ensure you have reliable air conditioning this spring in Hickory, NC.

Thermostat tips for spring and summer vacation

Before you leave for vacation this spring and summer, check the temperature on your thermostat. While you don’t want to waste money cooling an empty home, you also don’t want to turn off your HVAC system completely. A full shut down will force your air conditioner to work much harder and use more energy in order to get your home back to the desired temperature once you return from your vacation. Set your thermostat above 80 degrees while you’re on vacation this spring and summer in order to save on energy bills.


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