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Benefits of HVAC Maintenance


Heating maintenance is a highly beneficial service to invest in. When you schedule HVAC maintenance year after year, you help to maintain the system so that it can be more efficient and last longer. And we have some great news to share. 

We are currently offering a $99 heating and AC maintenance service, but it’s only for the month of February. You can keep reading to learn more about the benefits of heating and AC maintenance. Then, give our team a call to schedule your service and take advantage of our current special.

Why Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Professional maintenance is perhaps the best way that you can take care of your HVAC system aside from monthly care tasks that you complete on your own. Before a comfort problem becomes obvious, it starts out small and quiet. You probably won’t even know that something is going wrong inside of your heater or AC until the problem is already far along.

But when our team can look at your heating system once each year, it gives us an opportunity to identify problem areas early and get ahead of concerns. We can make small tweaks to the components and keep your heater working at its best so that you don’t face an unexpected breakdown.

Short-Term Benefits

You can see an immediate difference in your monthly energy bills by investing in maintenance. This is especially true if you’ve had a problem inside your HVAC system that is causing it to work harder than it needs to. Tweaking the system to make it more efficient means that it won’t have to work as hard to produce results for your home, thus using less energy.

Plus, your home will be more comfortable when your HVAC system is working at its best. An efficient furnace or AC is able to warm up or cool down your home quickly and maintain that temperature consistently without significant fluctuations.  

Long-Term Benefits

You will also enjoy those same short-term benefits over the life of your system. Instead of losing efficiency slowly as the unit ages, it can better maintain efficiency year after year with consistent professional maintenance. 

And a system that’s efficient is also taking on less wear and tear since it doesn’t have to work as hard to produce results. This can help your HVAC system to enjoy a longer lifespan. It’s also less likely that you’ll have expensive repairs or unexpected breakdowns over the years.

The Ace Hardware Home Services Difference

You may be wondering, why call the Ace Hardware Home Services team? Aside from the current $99 special we are offering, you’ll also receive high-quality service when you partner with our technicians. We are confident that you’ll be pleased with the results of your service after partnering with our team.

If you want to take advantage of the $99 heating and AC maintenance offer, please be sure to mention it during the time of scheduling your appointment. Some restrictions apply, and this offer cannot be combined with any other offer. If you want to learn more, give us a call for details.

Thank you for choosing Ace Hardware Home Services. Call us today to schedule an appointment for maintenance service.

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