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5 Reasons to Use Mini Splits in Your Hickory, NC, Home

Is ductless HVAC right for your home in Hickory, NC? Read Canella Heating & Air Conditioning’s blog to see what mini splits can do for you.

Easy installation

Mini splits are essentially small, indoor heat pumps that attach to the wall. The difference is that they don’t require any ductwork like traditional HVAC systems. Whether you have a historic home or new construction, installing ductless HVAC in your home is quick and easy with Canella Heating & Air Conditioning.

Mini splits provide better indoor air quality

Spring is here, and that means the start of allergies for many of us. This is made worse by the buildup of dust and debris in your HVAC ductwork. Fortunately, mini splits don’t use ductwork, so there are less allergens circulated throughout your home.

Lower energy bills

Another benefit of eliminating ductwork is energy savings. Massive amounts of air can escape the ductwork during normal operation, and this is money straight out of your pocket! Cut down on your monthly energy bills by switching to ductless heat pumps in your home.

Ductless HVAC zoning in Hickory, NC

Mini splits can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. And, since each unit is operated independently, you can create different zones in your home with their own temperature settings. The result? Better comfort for the whole family, no matter where they are.

Quiet comfort

Indoor mini split units are designed to maximize comfort in every way. Therefore, in addition to keeping your home cooler for less, they also run extremely quietly, unlike central systems that continuously cycle on and off.

Whether you’re replacing an outdated HVAC system or just want supplemental comfort in a finished basement or sunroom, mini splits are the most versatile and effective cooling and heating options available. Click Canella or call us today to learn more about why you should be using ductless HVAC in Hickory, NC!


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