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3 Sounds You Don’t Want Your AC System to Make

woman-holding-hand-to-ear-to-listenHow do you know that your air conditioner is doing its job as effectively and efficiently as possible?

One way to help ensure this is the case is by scheduling routine professional maintenance each year… or every 6 months in the case of a heat pump system. Maintenance allows our technicians to thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust the components that need it, leaving your system in the best shape possible for the coming summer season.

Maintenance also reduces ac repair needs by as much as 85%! This doesn’t, however, mean you should neglect your air conditioner if you suspect it needs repairs. It is, after all, a major appliance that suffers from wear-and-tear just like any other mechanical equipment. But how do you know if it needs repair?

One of the most telltale signs that an AC is in disrepair is strange noises coming from the unit. A “strange” noise can really be anything outside of the normal, day-to-day operational sounds that come from the system. Read on to learn more, and please give us a call right away if you hear any of these particular sounds!

1. Screeching

This can be a pretty alarming sound to detect anywhere in your home, but especially coming from your air conditioner. This is because your air conditioner is one of your biggest investments–in fact HVAC systems make up about half of all of a home’s energy use!

That said, we have a bit of good news here. Screeching doesn’t automatically mean your air conditioner is failing. What it probably does mean, is that the lubrication is wearing off the bearings of your blower and/or fan motor. When this happens, it creates friction, and that’s when you hear the screeching sound.

This is a relatively easy fix for our technicians! But you do want to have it managed ASAP, since continuing to run your air conditioner while this friction occurs raises the risk of one of the motors overheating, and your air conditioner breaking down.

2. Banging

Have you noticed a banging or clanging sound coming from your air conditioner? This could be indicative of a loose component, or a part that is becoming loose inside your air conditioner. The problem with this is that it can have a sort of domino effect–impacting other components of your air conditioner and eventually leading to a breakdown.

3. Hissing or Bubbling

Depending on where it’s occurring within your air conditioner, you might hear a hissing or a bubbling noise if you have a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant moves in a “closed-loop” system within your air conditioner. This means that upon manufacturing, your system is supplied with enough refrigerant to last its entire useful service life.

If your system is losing refrigerant, it means there is a leak that must be located and repaired before it impacts your system’s efficiency or efficacy. Please give us a call if you suspect a refrigerant leak, which is also indicated by an air conditioner that still seems to have powerful airflow–but that air isn’t as chilly as it should be.

When you need reliable AC repair in Lincolnton, NC, look no further than Ace Hardware Home Services Contact us today!

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