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Is a Dual Fuel HVAC System Right for You?

vent-low-on-wallIf you’re like most homeowners throughout the U.S., you love to hear of new ways to improve energy efficiency and subsequently save money. Of course, this means using less energy and wasting less of what you use, too. One of the many fantastic ways to achieve this is by utilizing high efficiency HVAC systems. A heat pump is one of them!

But, a heat pump isn’t right for all applications. After all, heat pumps can sometimes struggle when temperatures get too low in the winter. So even though it can be used all winter and all summer for year-round comfort, your heat pump might need a little backup, and that’s where a dual fuel HVAC system comes in! Read on to learn more.

What Is a Dual Fuel System?

A dual fuel HVAC system is a heating system, but part of it can also be used as an air conditioner. It’s main component is the heat pump. The heat pump is different from a standard central air conditioner in that it can reverse the flow of refrigerant to provide cooling and heating. But like we said above, it can struggle in the chilliest of winter temperatures.

The dual fuel setup resolves this by giving that heat pump a backup gas furnace. Since heat pumps are electric, this makes this setup a dual fuel system. But is one right for your home? It could be! Keep reading as we uncover some of its biggest advantages.

It is Energy Efficient

Heat pumps are known for being highly efficient heating and cooling systems. Natural gas furnaces are also known for being highly efficient! While an electric heat pump system will always offer a little extra efficiency over an electric furnace due to the fact that it transfers heat instead of generating it, a gas powered furnace is going to offer more efficient power when temperatures drop too low.

It Provides Consistent Warmth in the Winter

We’ve said it a couple times now—heat pumps don’t always do so well in extreme cold. Specifically, the closer the temperatures get to freezing (30°F), the less efficient, and therefore effective, the heat pump will be. When you have a dual fuel system in place, it will automatically switch to the more efficient gas furnace when temps drop too low, so you’ll never be without heat.

It Provides Year-Round Comfort

Where a heat pump really shines efficiency wise is in the summertime, when it’s being used as an air conditioner. This is why we recommend heat pumps so enthusiastically to our customers, because it provides year-round comfort. The furnace part of a dual fuel system just gives your home that little extra boost of efficiency it needs.

Are You Interested in a Dual Fuel System?

If you’re still unsure whether a dual fuel system is right for your specific home or not, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help determine what the best option for your household is, keeping your family’s preferences in mind.

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