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“Can I DIY My Furnace Installation?”

man-looking-contemplativeWe live in a time of online tutorials galore–for just about any type of household project you want to pursue, you’ll be able to find instructions online. Of course, this doesn’t always mean those will be good instructions. When you don’t know who the tutorial is coming from, it can leave things a little up in the air.

This can sometimes be pretty inconsequential–like if someone is showing you how to paint a wall without streaks, the consequences aren’t going to be as bad if it’s done “incorrectly” compared to if someone is showing you how to, say, install a furnace–with the latter being a more costly mistake to make, for sure!

We get it, you might still be tempted to try it on your own. After all, you want convenience, right? And not working on a contractor’s schedule can seem convenient. But in actuality, many folks try a job like this on their own and then have to call us anyway when something goes wrong.

Read on to learn how it’s actually more convenient to hire a trained and experienced professional for your furnace installation, and how it can give you greater peace of mind!

We Safely and Effectively Remove the Old Heating System

This might seem like a simple enough step to do on your own, however, it can actually be the most laborious part of the job! Even though we’re not involving your new furnace system yet, our installers have to remove the old system without knocking anything out of place and ultimately damaging connections that will be needed for the new system, or for your air conditioner (like your ductwork).

There is a lot more room for error in this step than you might realize, and we’d like to help you avoid that.

We Make the Appropriate Connections

You know the connections we just mentioned above? There is a lot that we do to ensure these connections are made successfully and safely–not just your ductwork but also your gas lines and electrical wiring.

Once the new furnace system is placed and bolted to your floor, our professionals connect it to the vital parts that the system needs to operate. Remember, even modern gas furnaces have electrical wiring, and this is something you might not have known if you’d attempted a DIY furnace installation.

Our professionals will successfully connect the new furnace to its appropriate power source, and if it’s a gas-powered system we’ll check to ensure that there is no damage to the gas line that could otherwise become hazardous.

We Test Your Furnace

Perhaps the most important part of your furnace installation is ensuring that the new furnace works. Sure, you could turn it on to see if it starts running. But how do you know if the airflow is correct, or if it’s warm enough? Do you know how to tell if the ductwork is connected as it should be?

These are all things our technicians are very well experienced with, and we look forward to seeing that you have a fully successful furnace installation!

When you’re ready to install a new furnace in Lincolnton, NC, reach out to Ace Hardware Home Services Contact us today!

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