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3 Ways To Tell You Need To Replace Some Ductwork

Have you ever tried to drive on a road full of potholes? Or, for an even better example, imagine having to cross a bridge to get to work but discovering that the bridge has collapsed. While far less dangerous, a major problem in your ductwork has this effect on the flow of air throughout your house. A large break or disconnect in your ductwork means the airflow is stopped until repairs or a replacement are taken care of.

Here’s the tricky part though. Unlike a fallen or crumbling bridge, a disconnect or major damage to your ducts isn’t visibly obvious. So, how do you know when you need expert service to fix your ducts? Read on to find out if you need to schedule your ductwork services with our team.

3 Signs Something Is Seriously Wrong With Your Ductwork

Be on the lookout for some of the following indicators that you may need duct replacement.

  1. You have ductwork that is 15 or more years old. Age is an important factor to keep in mind, not just for your heater and AC, you also need to consider the age of your ducts. Ductwork that is over 15 years old is likely to need an increasing level of repairs and, in some cases, may need replacement instead.
  2. Airflow to one part of the house or throughout the house has stopped. Much like how a large pothole or a broken bridge stops traffic, a disconnect or break in your home’s ductwork will halt airflow. Maybe it’s just one section of the house that is no longer receiving the airflow produced by your comfort systems or perhaps all airflow through the house has stopped. In either case, you likely have a major issue in your ductwork that needs addressing.
  3. Your energy bills have gone up but your comfort level has plummeted. Higher energy bills should match the usage and output from your heater or AC. So if your energy bills seem to be reflecting that you’re running your heater enough to make your home feel tropical, but it feels like the heater isn’t running at all, there is a problem that may lie within your ductwork. Disconnects or major breaks in your ducts will allow all of the temperature-controlled air your system creates to dissipate into the walls or attic of the home, rather than helping you feel comfortable.

Ditch the Duct Tape!

Does it sound like there may be a problem in your ducts? Then it means now is the time to call in the professionals for duct repairs or duct replacement. This is not the time to try a DIY solution with duct tape. Despite the name, duct tape won’t solve the problem and may actually create more damage to your ductwork!

Your ducts need professional care. If you need to replace any part of your ductwork or replace all of your ducts, your best option is to schedule this vital service with an expert team like ours.

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