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3 Signs You Need a New Heat Pump


We know that this isn’t the time when you want to find yourself faced with a broken-down comfort system. Hopefully, you’re able to identify when something is seriously wrong before your system breaks down. Whether your system is still operating or is completely unresponsive, you may be in need of a heat pump replacement.

It can be tempting to try to face nearly every situation with a repair. Sometimes, though, a replacement will be the best course of action. We’ll help you identify if your heat pump needs to be replaced and then get the job taken care of.

3 Indicators It’s Time for a Heat Pump Replacement

The sooner you get a deteriorating heat pump replaced, the better. Here are the signs it’s time for an upgrade.

  1. Old age: Your heat pump won’t last forever. Check the manufacture date on your system if you can. If the heat pump is over 15 years old then you’ll need to replace it. Not only will it be losing effectiveness and efficiency but a system this old just can’t measure up to the new technology that has been developed within the last decade.
  2. Repair frequency: Repair needs will pop up over the course of your heat pump’s lifespan. Repair needs shouldn’t be something that you have to schedule every single year. If you need repairs on a yearly basis or even more than once a year, it’s a sign that your heat pump is on its way out.
  3. Repair price: Another indicator to check on is how much the repair you are quoted will cost. Sometimes, the money that you put towards a repair is better off being put towards a new system instead. You can determine if this is the case by taking the age of your heat pump and multiplying it by the price of the repair. If the resulting number is over 5000, you need a new system.

When Your Heat Pump Stops Working

The warning signs that we’ve provided above will help you determine ahead of time if you need a new heat pump. Not everyone catches the early signs though. Sometimes, you may be faced with a heat pump that has completely stopped working.

If this applies to you, call in the professionals to assess the situation. We’ll be able to tell you whether the breakdown is due to a fixable issue or if your heat pump finally gave out.

Why Come to Ace Hardware Home Services?

Whether your heat pump is repairable or you need a replacement, you can count on the team at Ace Hardware Home Services. Since 1990 we’ve provided top-quality service throughout Hickory and the surrounding areas. We provide free estimates in order to meet your needs best. We can also promise to provide next-day installations during the wintertime.

No matter what service you need, you can rely on our team to provide 100% satisfaction and get the job done right.

Schedule your next heat pump service with Ace Hardware Home Services today. Thank you for choosing Ace Hardware Home Services.

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