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3 Reasons You Should Consider Going Ductless This Winter

woman-turning-on-ductless-air-handler-with-remoteThis isn’t the most popular time of the year for homeowners to consider a new heater installation. But we’re going to guess that if you’re starting the search now, you’re probably in a situation where you’re desperate for effective and efficient heating ASAP. The only problem with this is, a heater purchase is not something you should rush into!

Rushing into a purchase as significant as this one could leave you with a heating unit that’s not properly matched to or sized for your specific home and needs. Also, just because you’ve always used one type of system–for example, a furnace–doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your home, especially with the advancements in HVAC technology in even just the last decade!

All this said, you may do well to consider a ductless mini-split installation! Read on to learn 3 reasons why this may be the right choice for you.

Ductless Systems Are Very Efficient

The first thing we’ll mention here is that a ductless system operates on heat pump technology. This means that it both heats and cools your home. In order to do this, it uses a refrigerant process that can be reversed to transfer heat. Other types of heaters–namely, furnaces–generate heat, and they use up a lot more of your electrical energy to do so. Even a gas-powered furnace has electrical components, so this is important to keep in mind!

Ductless Systems Are Very Flexible

You’ve probably seen a ductless system at some point, whether you were in a hotel room, doctor’s office, or even a friend’s home. They’re not unsightly, which is how they actually often get missed! A ductless system is comprised of a small outdoor unit that’s connected to up to 4 indoor air handlers via conduits that contain a power line, condensate line, and refrigerant line. The conduits travel through a small hole that we drill in your drywall to install the air handlers, and then those air handlers are typically mounted up high on a wall. They can also be floor-mounted, too.

Overall though, ductless systems are pretty out of the way, taking up far less space than a traditional air conditioner or furnace–and since it’s a 2-in-1 system you don’t have to worry about making room for two systems.

Ductless Systems Can Improve Air Quality

We have a lot of products and services that can help improve your indoor air quality. Oftentimes, homeowners don’t even realize how bad their’s can be, but there are a number of allergens, irritants, and contaminants that can make their way into your living space through damaged or dirty ductwork. Here’s the thing though… ductless systems don’t have ducts!

By the very nature of their setup, you eliminate the risk of your HVAC system bringing in and distributing air pollutants throughout your indoor air. Now, you may still want to assess your need for additional air quality products, such as a whole-house air purifier to manage dust and other household contaminants. But you’ll at least be making an effort toward improved indoor air quality by installing a ductless system.

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