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The Importance of a Clean HVAC Filter

No matter what type of HVAC system you have, there’s one single task that you can complete as a homeowner to make the biggest difference for your home. That task is cleaning or changing the air filter every month on time, with the keyword being “on time.” 

It’s such a simple task, and yet it’s one that is also so easy to overlook because you do it so infrequently. Yet, waiting even just an extra week can make a huge difference for your HVAC system and your home. If you need maintenance for Morganton, NC HVAC systems, our team is here to help. In the meantime, you can keep reading more about why cleaning your HVAC air filter is such a big deal. 

Dust and Dirt

The whole purpose of your air filter is to block dust and dirt particles from getting into your HVAC system. When you do not change your air filter regularly, it can get clogged and begin to allow particles to escape into your HVAC system. This is a problem for several reasons.

The first is that dust and dirt can get into the smallest grooves and components in your HVAC system. These particles may be tiny, but over time they can really add up. 

Just think about when you dust a hard-to-reach surface in your home that has been neglected for a few months. It always seems surprising how much dust you wipe away. Now think about all of that dust being in between the intricate pieces that have to work together to provide cool air for your home. Gears and parts can’t move as easily, and your air conditioner may end up working harder and still struggling to produce results. 

Impact to Ductwork 

Eventually, dust and dirt will make their way into your system of ductwork. This can be a problem because the particles get into the seals that connect the duct joints together. Over time, more dust and dirt get into these crevices and the seals break, allowing conditioned air to escape before reaching your home. 

Dust and dirt particles inside your ductwork can also have an impact on airflow. When your air conditioner turns on and begins blowing air through your ductwork system, it stirs up the dust that settles in your ducts. And this cloud of dust can block airflow from completely reaching the vents in your home. Because of this, your air conditioner begins working harder to cool your home. The cycle continues and worsens until the problem is addressed. 

Indoor Air Quality

Once dust and dirt are inside your HVAC system, they begin to re-circulate through your air. This will be obvious because you’ll notice surfaces around your home getting dusty faster than they usually do. By the time this happens, you have a big problem to address. 

Our team needs to clean out the entire inside of your HVAC system, including the ductwork. When we clean the individual gears, we can also relubricate them so that they can work together smoothly again. Then, we may make recommendations for cleaning or changing your air filter more frequently or investing in a different type of air filter. If the current brand of air filter that you’re using is not producing results, you may need to invest in a higher-quality filter. 

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