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Uh-Oh, Furnace Burners Aren’t Lighting?

burners-of-a-gas-furnaceNo matter where you live. when temperatures drop to their coldest, it’s always nice to rely on the warmth and comfort that comes from your furnace system. All you need to do is switch the thermostat to heating mode, and there you go, you’re instantly invited to bask in the warmth of your home…

… unless you’re not. We can’t guarantee that your furnace will always work flawlessly. After all, any home comfort system is going to be susceptible to natural wear and tear over the years. Of course, you can prevent this by scheduling routine preventive maintenance once a year for that furnace.

When the furnace burners won’t light, that’s a pretty unpleasant surprise and seemingly big repair need. So, what’s going on? Read on to find out!

The Pilot Light Isn’t Burning

If you have a newer furnace model, then you likely don’t have a standing pilot light, as this is no longer what’s used to ignite the burners. However, you might have an older model in your home that does use a pilot light still.

We want you to check and see if this has gone out. If it has, relight the pilot light. If this problem continues, there might be a problem with either the gas line or the pilot assembly. It’s important that you rely on only trained professionals to check on these things, for both your safety and for the functionality of the furnace.

The Electric Ignition System Is Broken

Your furnace likely uses an electronic ignition system to light the burners. Yes–even a gas furnace has electrical components. The electric ignition system uses filaments to heat the surface of the burners in order to light them, sort of like a lightbulb.

However, just like any other component of a furnace, the igniters can fail. If this occurs, the burners won’t come on at all. Now, before you give us a call, we want you to check on your electrical panel. Did the circuit breaker to your furnace trip? This might be the problem–reset it and see what happens.

If you resent the breaker and it continues to trip, then it is time to give the pros a call.

You Have Dirty Burners

If the furnace burners aren’t able to draw enough oxygen, then they can’t light. All it takes is a slight layer of dust, grime, or even rust for this to happen. We don’t want you to attempt to clean the burners on your own! Our team can safely and effectively resolve this for you.

Your Thermostat Lost Its Connection

You might not have a problem with the actual furnace at all, but instead, have a problem with the thermostat. Your thermostat’s connection to the igniter may have failed, or the thermostat isn’t sensing temperatures correctly, and therefore won’t signal the furnace to come on.

There’s a Gas Line Problem

Gas has to flow, unobstructed, to the burners in order for them to ignite. If this is the first time you’ve turned your furnace on for the season, then you may have forgotten to open the gas valve to the furnace. if you do this and the burners still aren’t igniting, then go ahead and close the gas valve back up and give us a call–tampering with the gas lines is the last thing you should do!

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