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The Signs That You Need AC Repairs


Your air conditioner is a robust system that is designed to last for 15 years and maybe more if it’s well cared for. But, even the best home systems need some TLC now and then. There will come a time that your air conditioner needs repairs, even if it’s only small ones.

The good news is, we are the experts at air conditioner repair in Hickory. We can help you identify any problem, fix it, and get to the root of what is wrong so that we can prevent it from happening again in the future. But first, you have to know how to identify the signs that your AC needs repair in the first place. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of AC problems so that you can stay ahead of the major repairs.

Spikes in Energy Use 

If you notice a sudden spike in your monthly energy bill, there’s a good chance that your air conditioner is to blame. After all, it is one of the larger home systems that you operate, meaning that it uses more energy compared to other appliances.

It’s also possible that you don’t see one big spike at a time. Instead, your energy usage could be trending upward without ceasing. It’s normal for your energy bills to fluctuate, but they should never go up and up without a reason. 

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner does not just cool your home. It also helps to improve indoor air quality. This includes eliminating dust and dirt from the air as well as balancing humidity levels. If you begin to notice that you have to dust more frequently, your air conditioner may be in need of maintenance. Along with dust, you may begin to notice that the air blowing out of your vents has a musty, dusty smell. 

Humidity is also a contributing factor. Feeling too much humidity in the air can make your home feel warm and muggy, and maybe even feel heavier. Your AC may be keeping up with your temperature expectations, but humidity can prevent your home from actually feeling cooler. 

Turning On and Off Frequently

If you begin to notice that it seems like your AC is constantly turning on and off, that’s a big sign that the system needs repairs. When your system turns on and off too often, it’s called short cycling. This happens when your air conditioner cannot keep up with your cooling needs for some reason. In some cases, your thermostat is to blame and simply needs to be recalibrated. 

But other times, there are malfunctions within your air conditioner that are preventing it from cooling your home to your desired temperature. Your home may still be comfortable, but your AC is working overtime to keep it that way. At the same time, it’s taking on way more wear and tear than it should, which is shortening its lifespan. Allowing your AC to continue short cycling can lead to a breakdown sooner rather than later. 

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