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I Don’t Know When to Replace My AC!

The service life of your air conditioner, like all good things, will come to an end at some point. Of course, it can be quite hard to accept, but there is no need to be sad. Replacing your old, outdated air conditioner with a new, high-efficiency model is one of the best ways to keep repair costs and monthly utility bills to a minimum.

Of course, the first step in installing a new air conditioner is knowing exactly when to replace your old one. Fortunately, there are a number of signs that suggest it is time for a replacement, and below, we have outlined a few of them. Keep reading to learn more!

Consider AC Replacement If…

Your System is Old

Although built to last, the average lifespan of an air conditioner is between 10-15 years. Though, with proper maintenance, your system could surpass this life expectancy. However, if your system has aged beyond 15 years, it is best to start thinking about a replacement, especially if your AC is experiencing other issues.

It Requires Frequent Repair

It is normal that your AC is going to require repairs from time to time. However, if you have found yourself calling for repairs more than just a couple of times every few years, it might be best to consider replacing your system. The need for frequent repairs suggests that your system is simply worn out.

You Notice a Lack of Conditioned Air

The primary role of your air conditioner is to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the summer season. So, if your AC is unable to keep up with your household cooling demands, is it worth having it? If your family is growing, it might do you well to get a new system that will keep up!

You’re Paying More

We always recommend keeping a close eye on your monthly energy bills. A sudden or steady rise in costs suggests that your air conditioner is inefficient, often due to an underlying issue. Don’t spend more money than you have to. Instead, replace your old, inefficient system with a new one!

Call in a Professional

The best thing that you can do if you suspect it’s time to replace your air conditioner is to call a professional HVAC technician in Lake Norman, NC. Only a professional can truly determine whether or not you will benefit from replacing your system. Once it has been determined, your new system must be professional sized and installed to ensure that it is both efficient and effective.

Professional installation is important, as it aids in the long and successful service life of your new system. Properly sizing and installing a new air conditioner is no small task, and doing so requires the hands of a trained and experienced professional. Sure, there are plenty of amateurs who are willing to provide these services, however, sometimes an attempt to save money can end up costing you much more in the long run.

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