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Here’s Why We Recommend a Central AC


Have you just been getting by with window units or inefficient portable air conditioners to try to stay cool? Are you ready to see what you’ve been missing out on? Then this is the blog post for you!

We can’t overstate the benefits of taking the plunge and starting to enjoy the comfort that a central air conditioner has to offer. Window units may have their pros—easy installation, zoned cooling—but they really can’t match everything central air conditioning can bring.

Remember though, no central air conditioning system can deliver you the best performance if you don’t have it professionally installed and serviced by a skilled and experienced professional. That’s why you should call on our team! Read on, and don’t sell yourself short anymore on the comfort you deserve.

The Convenience of Central Air Conditioning

When you think about what window units do you for your household—keep you cool during the hottest peaks of the year—it can be tough to consider how inconvenient they actually are. Each year, you pull these units out of storage, and each year, you pull them back out of your windows to put them into storage. It beats having nothing by a long shot, but for inefficient systems do you really want to waste space and time dealing with this?

With central air conditioning, your system is professionally installed, and it’s there for good. You’ll need annual maintenance of course, and may need the occasional repair, but you don’t have to worry about pulling it out and putting it back in every year.

The Efficiency of Central Air Conditioning

Window unit air conditioners can be purchased for must less than the price of central air conditioning. In fact, budget constraints are probably the most common reason homeowners opt for these portable systems. However, you’ll want to keep in mind that they also cost more to run over the years! They aren’t properly sized for your specific home, and the placement in the window itself can actually allow more heat into your home than a central AC ever would.

Central AC systems, when properly sized and installed by trained pros, will always far surpass window units.

The Powerful Performance of Central Air Conditioning

If you could cool your home for less money, and for better, more powerful results, why wouldn’t you? This is the reality of the situation when switching from window units to central air conditioning. When you’re using window units, you’re essentially paying too much for too little.

Yes, central air conditioning is a big investment. But while the upfront cost will be high, your monthly energy bills will be so much lower. Plus, while it is a financial investment, it’s also an investment in your comfort, which makes it all worth it, right?

If you’re curious about your central AC options, please don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team. We’ll make sure your system is properly sized and that we set you up for success with your home cooling!

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