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3 Tips to Winterize Your Air Conditioner in Hickory, NC

Is your HVAC system prepared for the cold weather ahead? Follow these 3 tips from Canella Heating & Air Conditioning to winterize your air conditioner in Hickory, NC.

Trim shrubs to winterize air conditioner

While your air conditioner is designed to withstand rain, ice and snow, other natural elements can take a heavy toll. Leaves, twigs and nuts can fall into your air conditioner and damage the fan blade. In addition, small animals may even try to use your AC unit as shelter! Trim back any shrubs or bushes that grow close to the outdoor unit- this prevents critters and natural debris from invading your HVAC system. If you use a cover, make sure you use one specifically designed for air conditioners, as this will keep out debris while letting moisture drain out. Make sure not to cover your heat pump, however- this will prevent it from working!

Change your air filter

Take a second to check your furnace air filter (you may want to check that no one is watching if you’re not sure when you last did this). Is it covered in a thick layer of dust? Then it’s well past time to throw it away and replace it with a new one. Change your air filter at least once each month to keep your heating system running efficiently during even the coldest nights this winter.

Schedule HVAC system maintenance from Canella Heating & Air Conditioning

DIY upkeep is a great way to protect your AC unit and increase your furnace or heat pump’s efficiency. However, there’s no better way to winterize your HVAC system than with professional maintenance from Canella Heating & Air Conditioning. Our expert technicians will make sure every component of your heating and cooling system is well equipped to last this winter, and many more to come.

Don’t wait until inclement weather arrives to winterize your HVAC system. Call Canella Heating & Air Conditioning for your heating system maintenance today!


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