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Why is My Ductwork in Hickory, NC Sweating During the Summer?

Have you noticed condensation on your air ducts and wondered if you should be concerned? After all, it’s hot and humid in Hickory and the Catawba Valley, so condensation is pretty common in the summer. So you figure you shouldn’t worry, right? Hickory summers do, indeed, create the right environment for condensation to form in many places. The colder the air coming out of the ducts the more likely you’ll see condensation. Read on to find out when or if you should be concerned about sweating ductwork and what you can do about it.

It’s a Southern Thang in Hickory

We live in the South and part of being a Southerner is sweat-dripping humidity. When warm, humid air meets cool air, water droplets will form condensation. Cool air runs through your ductwork in your attic and through the vents on your ceiling where it meets warmer humid air.

Occasional water droplets are not a cause for concern, especially when humidity levels are high, but when you notice persistent condensation around your vents, there are a couple things you will want to consider.

Mold and Mildew

Excessive amounts of condensation create the right environment for mold and mildew to grow. Mold and mildew may contribute to a range of health issues and damage to the inside of walls and ceilings. This can be expensive to repair and can be prevented.

Clean Air Filters = Clean Ductwork

Ensuring your home is cool and your air conditioner is in proper working condition are important things to homeowners. Taking care of your ductwork should be important as well. One way to keep air ducts clean is to replace your filters every month. Also, have a maintenance plan in place with a licensed HVAC contractor. Your team at Canella can often catch minor problems before they become major – “Click Canella”.

Also keep an eye on your ductwork when in your attic, basement, or crawlspace. If you notice any visible tears or feel cool air escaping from your ducts, simply “Click Canella” and we’ll take care of you. The Catawba Valley’s trusted source for heating and air conditioning since 1990.


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