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5 Tips to Lower Humidity in Hickory, NC

The weather will soon be getting warmer here in Hickory, NC. And when temperatures rise in our area, so does humidity. High relative humidity in your home can actually make it feel warmer, ultimately resulting in higher air conditioning costs. Fortunately, there are ways to lower humidity in your home. Here are Canella Heating & Air Conditioning’s top 5 tips to lower the humidity in your home this spring and summer.

Lower humidity with vents

Don’t forget about the vents in your kitchen and bathroom. When cooking or showering creates large amounts of steam, run the fans to force the humid air out of your home.

Use your thermostat

If your thermostat comes equipped with humidity control functions, use them! Set your home’s humidity to anywhere from 45% to 55% percent. This is ideal both for comfort and energy savings.

Air conditioning regulates humidity

It won’t matter much what humidity level your thermostat is set to if the windows are open in your home. While it may feel nice to keep the windows open in early spring, this invites humid air from outside to join you in your home. Keep your windows closed and let your air conditioning keep you comfortable this spring and summer in Hickory, NC.

Change air filters in Hickory, NC

Clean air filters are utterly crucial to HVAC efficiency, and efficient air conditioning keeps humidity levels regular and consistent. Don’t forget to change your air filter at the start of each month to keep your home’s air clean and comfortable this spring. A clean air filter will also help fight against allergies.

Schedule HVAC maintenance with Canella Heating & Air Conditioning

HVAC maintenance during spring is absolutely crucial for many reasons. It keeps your energy bills lower, prevents costly repairs, makes your home more comfortable, improves indoor air quality, and finally, it lowers your home’s humidity levels. Call or click today to schedule your spring HVAC maintenance with Canella Heating & Air Conditioning!


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