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4 Signs It’s Time for an Air Conditioner Replacement in Hickory, NC

“Do I need to replace my air conditioner? Can I just get it repaired?” These are common questions that most homeowners in the Catawba Valley will ask at some point. Fortunately, We have some answers. Here are 4 signs it’s time for an air conditioner replacement.

Rising energy bills in Hickory, NC

Over the years, your HVAC system will gradually lose efficiency. However, if you notice your spring energy bills are significantly increasing each year, it may be time for an air conditioner replacement. New, high-efficiency A/C units have lower energy costs, saving you money year after year.

Expensive HVAC service calls in Conover

Regular maintenance is essential to extend the life of any HVAC system. But if the arrival of spring brings means continuous, costly air conditioner service calls, it’s time to start looking for a new one. It won’t take long for those repairs to cost more than the A/C unit is worth, so an air conditioner replacement is an economic choice.

Air conditioner replacement for R-22 units in Newton

If you have an older A/C unit, it may use R-22 refrigerant. R-22, commercially marketed as Freon, is inefficient and depletes the ozone layer. Therefore, it’s being phased out of production, and the price of the remaining supply is going up. A new air conditioner that uses R-410A will provide your home with clean, low-cost air conditioning.

Comfort levels suffering in Sherrills Ford

When your air conditioner stops keeping your comfortable, it has ceased to be an air conditioner. There is simply no need to spend money on maintenance and energy bills for an A/C unit that doesn’t keep you cool each spring. Take back your spring and summer with an air conditioner replacement from Canella Heating & Air Conditioning.

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