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by Joseph L. on Canella Heating and Air

I have been with Canella Heating and Air for 13 years. They service both my home and shop. Their service contract has saved me and my business money over the years with repairs. Recently I had to have my home heat pump system replaced (it was long overdue)and after checking around with other companies for pricing and guarantees on labor and parts it became a no brainer to go with Canella. The York system they put in came with a ten year guarantee on labor, parts and compressor.
Their personnel are always polite and Telephone calls are promptly returned. The service staff is on time and courteous and they put on paper booties when they enter your home to keep the red clay outdoors where it belongs. I am totally satisfied with the service and products they provide.
I would recommend them to anyone needing heating and air work to be done.

by Rick Dorr on Canella Heating and Air

Purchased my home fairly recently & wanted to get the heat checked out before winter got here in full force. I'm glad I did, Canella's tech found defective wiring in the air handler that was already arcing & smoking. The previous owners' work cost me a few hundred dollars extra, but Canella kept it from costing me my entire house.

Have used them for years and they are awesome. Always responsive and helpful. We have used them for maintenance for years and recently needed new units. Could not have been more helpful. Professional but personal from the top people to the installers. Love them all.

by Terrie Black on Canella Heating and Air

I have been a customer since 2001 and would highly recomend Canella Heating and Air to anyone. They are always courteous,professional, and go above and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied.

by Ken & Mollie Danner on Canella Heating and Air

My name is Charles Danner, and I am contacting you in regards to the Mitsubishi System in which your company installed last summer (2015) for Ken and Mollie Danner . My parents are now retired. ..each at a "young" 70 years old. They purchased their home in the fall of 1976 in a new subdivision in Conover. The house was built with no type of central air, and a wood stove for heat...For the next 40 years, our family endured decades of uncomfortable conditions throughout the years, and with the changes in my parents lives, ie:retirement, health concerns, etc. ..My parents were left to face the daunting task of an affordable solution to their concerns as far as how they would be able to live comfortably in their last years. ...After meeting with several local heating and cooling companies. parents were most impressed, and felt more informed about their needs after meeting with Mr. Canella. He was forthright in explaining the process, and in answering the varied questions and concerns that my parents had...Thus making the entire transition go smoothly. I had the liberty to meet Mr. Canella, and some of his team, and I too was totally impressed with their professionalism and their efforts to work through unbearable heat and conditions, associated with living in a home for over 40 years, and all of the dirt, dust and things that you can acquire over time.
We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your attention to detail and the excellent way in which you serve the needs of our great community.

by Ann & Barry Browning on Canella Heating and Air

Consistent excellent service. They are more than competent from an engineering standpoint, and go out of their way to service existing equipment with an eye towards making it last. Many thanks to Curtis, Cindy & Pat for excellent leadership & customer service. We have been pleased with everyone.

by Suzanne Lawrimore on Canella Heating and Air

In the summer of 2014, I converted my screened in back porch and half of my garage into a home office area. Because I had worked with Canella in the past and had been very pleased with their staff and service, I contacted the company for advice on the best way to heat and cool this area. I had originally planned to connect these two rooms to my original HVAC system, however when Craig Canella came out to talk with me, he said, “With all the windows you have in this area, I would suggest you purchase a Mitsubishi.” I was resistant at first, not wanting to purchase another unit, however I went ahead with what Craig recommended and I’m so glad I did. The unit both heats and cools effectively and efficiently in every season. Craig and all the employees I have interacted with have been very competent, willing to educate me, and have delivered quality results. I plan to continue to use this company for all my HVAC services in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone.

by Robert Reid on Canella Heating and Air

Canella Heating & Air Conditioning has done work for us on several occasions on various homes that we have owned. We have always been very pleased and satisfied with their professionalism and quality of service. They have responded quickly and have been very reliable.

This past summer we were looking for a supplemental heating and air source for our basement that we had refinished. They suggested the Mitsubishi heating and air conditioning unit. They came out within a few days, had it installed quickly and it ran so quietly I couldn't believe it. It was very efficient and did a wonderful job of cooling the entire basement level which covered about 1000 square feet. We could not have been more pleased. I would highly recommend them.

by Paul & Becky Byrns on Canella Heating and Air

We contacted Canella back in Dec 2014 to give us an estimate and suggestion for a system for a detached garage conversion. Craig was our first contact with them and we couldn't have been more impressed with hi
professionalism and friendliness. After going over our needs and wants he suggested the Mitsubishi system for our use. When it came time to install the unit you couldn't have had a more dedicated group of technicians or workers - It was very cold and raining the day they installed the unit and we wouldn't have been surprised to have had them cancel and reschedule the installation. Not so - we had not one or two teams but several who stepped in to get the unit up and running. Despite the weather and the problems that arose all of them kept a cheerful attitude and professional manner at all times. We've had the system in place now for almost a year and couldn't be happier. The technicians who have come to service it are always helpful and courteous. Would we recommend them to anyone - very definitely. You couldn't get a better company to install, or service, your heating and air conditioning needs.

by Sam Higdon on Canella Heating and Air

We had added a Sun Room to our home to an area that at one time had been an open porch. We had many options to provide heat but no practical method to cool. Just by chance we watched a TV commercial for the Mitsubishi Unit. Upon contacting Mitsubishi they provided a list of dealers in our area of which Canella was listed at a Platinum (which they certainly are) Dealer. We contacted them with all our hopes and questions. Our questions were answered and our hopes were far exceeded. Our Units (we decided to install two interior units serviced by the one exterior unit) have been so much more efficient and economical than we could have ever imagined. We are truly grateful for the help and true professionalism provided by Canella but we are even more amazed at just how well the units provide both heat and cooling comfort.

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