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Rule #1 in physics: wet will move to dry. Ok, maybe it’s not rule #1, but it is a rule. Wet will move to dry if given the chance

humidiferHumidifiers Help During The Cold Dry Months

So what does that mean? It means that the moisture inside your comfortable house is going to move out in whatever way it can. It’ll sneak out through gaps around doors, windows, floor boards, attic openings, open doors, etc. It will keep moving out of your house until the inside is just as dry as the outside. Proof of this shows up as dry skin, static-y hair, floorboards that move apart, woodwork that pulls away from the wall, crown molding that comes off the ceiling, bloody noses and all the other fun things that come with very dry winter air.

Humidifier Installed

Humidifier Installed

If it gets bad enough or uncomfortable enough, it is possible to fight this off with the addition of a whole-house humidifier. Unlike the dresser top or floor standing models that add moisture only to the room they’re sitting in, these humidifiers are connected to your duct system allowing for distribution of the moisture throughout your home. It operates independently of whether your system is heating or not. If the humidity level in your house drops to an uncomfortable low, the humidifier will turn on. To make it even more convenient, there’s no filling of a reservoir and there’s no standing water than can become stagnant. Just set it and forget it.

So get rid of drifting floor boards, hair standing straight on end, and “shocking” encounters with family members. Call us about adding a humidifier today!