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The Importance Of Maintenance

HVAC Systems Are Complex & Require Maintenance

In a perfect world, it would be there when you buy a house, run forever, require no maintenance, and use no energy. Alas – Newsflash! – we don’t live in a perfect world. But there are things that can be done to prolong the life of your equipment and get the best performance for your energy dollars.

Some maintenance tasks are simple do-it-yourself ones.

  • The dirty filter, on the right next to the clean filter, comes close to taking our prize for Dirtiest Filter Ever. This unit was not working when our service technician arrived.

    The dirty filter, on the right next to the clean filter, comes close to taking our prize for Dirtiest Filter Ever. This unit was not working when our service technician arrived.

    Change the Filter Regularly. Most people think that the primary job of the air filter is to clean the air they breathe. While this is certainly a benefit, a regular filter is actually designed to stop large particles from passing through and settling on the sensitive components inside the unit. Because the coil inside requires that a specifically calculated amount of air flows over it in order to work properly, it is critical that the filter stays clean. Reduction in that flow of air is going to cause the coil to freeze up or burn out depending on the season. Both of those situations are going to be much more expensive to repair than the $1.79 it would have cost to buy a new filter.

  • Hidden-Outdoor-Unit-2

    Look closely. There is a unit in there.

    Keep everything away from the outdoor unit (the compressor). The indoor unit too for that matter. But especially the compressor. In the summer, your air conditioner or heat pump needs to dump the hot air from inside the house outside, and in the winter a heat pump needs to pull heat from the air outside and transfer it to the inside. (Even when it’s only 40 degrees out it can still find the heat it needs.) If there are bushes, weeds, bikes, wheelbarrows, car parts, old rugs, dog houses, or other yard scraps crammed around the compressor, it will struggle to do its job. That will drive up your power bill, decrease your comfort, and cause your system a slow painful death.

questionsBeyond those items, regularly scheduled maintenance by a professional is critical. It makes sense. Anything that costs a lot of money and is used every day is going to require maintenance. Lots of things happen to a system over time: indoor and outdoor units get dirty, parts wear out, performance starts to slide as little things move out of alignment. Now the system doesn’t produce as much heat or cold as it did before. The power bills start to creep up. The equipment wears out faster as it works harder to keep up. All of this starts to add up to failure at an inconvenient time, expensive repairs, and an untimely death.

With a regular maintenance program, you get the following:

  • Clean equipment which maximizes efficiency, keeps the system quieter, and helps keep the air in your house cleaner.
  • Inspection for wear and tear which might indicate that something is either out of whack or needs attention.
  • Status reports to let you know what kind of shape its in and when you might be facing a future replacement so you can plan instead of being surprised.
  • Safety! This is particularly important for people with gas furnaces. A cracked heat exchanger can cause a dangerous build up of carbon monoxide in your house. You can’t see or smell carbon monoxide. And you can’t see a cracked heat exchanger, but a maintenance technician can.
  • A system that will turn on when you expect it to.

For the convenience of our customers, we offer two maintenance programs.

Choose from our One-Time Tune Up or our even better Maintenance Plus Program which offers you many more benefits besides just a tune up. Visit our maintenance plus program page to learn more about our Maintenance Plus Program, or call us at 828-303-2375 to schedule a one-time tune up – Click Canella for the best service today!