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by: Ruth King, Nationally Recognized HVAC Industry Consultant

On the hottest or coldest day of the year your air conditioning or heating system quits. Or, you sense that something just isn’t right with your air conditioning or heating system. You’ve got to find a reputable company. But, who can you trust? Having worked with many heating and air conditioning (HVAC) companies for over 28 years, I have seen the good companies who take care of their customers and the ones who don’t. The questions I get asked all the time by home owners include: Where do I go to find a reputable HVAC company? How do I know that the prices I am being quoted will be the price that I actually pay? How can I find a company I can trust? The answers to these questions are below. I hope these answer help you find a reputable HVAC company.

1. Where do I find a company I can trust?

The first place to start is with friends and family. Ask them who they have used in the past for their heating and air conditioning needs. Were they happy? Did they feel that they were charged a fair price? Would they use that company again? You also might see HVAC trucks in your neighborhood. Ask your neighbor about her experience. Look at the trucks. Are they clean? Are they dented with a stick on label with the company's name? And, in many states, the contractor license number is required on the truck. Is it there?

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