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3 Reasons You Should Schedule Spring HVAC Maintenance in Hickory, NC

Is your air conditioner ready for spring? Read on for the top 3 reasons you should schedule spring HVAC maintenance with Canella Heating & Air Conditioning.

Spring HVAC maintenance lowers A/C bills

If you’re looking for ways to save energy this spring, there’s nowhere better to start than your A/C unit. Rising temperatures go hand in hand with rising energy bills, but proper HVAC maintenance prevents these costs from skyrocketing. Spring HVAC maintenance from Canella Heating & Air Conditioning will keep your air conditioner running efficiently, keeping you cool and comfortable and your energy bills affordable.

Better comfort in Hickory, NC

Lowering cooling costs doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on comfort. We all know how miserable a house without good air conditioning can be in spring and summer. Fortunately, proper HVAC maintenance gives you the best of both worlds, saving energy and keeping your home more comfortable. An efficient A/C unit will allow for more accurate temperature, humidity, and airflow controls, offering you customized comfort that meets the needs of the whole household. Schedule your spring HVAC maintenance now for a more enjoyable in-home experience this season in the Catawba valley.

Fight allergies in Conover, NC with Canella Heating & Air Conditioning

While spring signals the arrival of pleasant weather, it also brings with it an onslaught of allergens. Allergy season causes millions of Americans to take refuge indoors from outdoor irritants like tree and flower pollen. However, if your A/C unit hasn’t been properly maintained, your home could be far worse for your allergies than the outdoors. Clogged filters allow dust, pet dander and other particles to circulate through the air. In addition, ductwork that hasn’t been inspected recently could have mold and mildew growth that can cause allergies and other health problems. But there’s hope! A quick HVAC tune-up will keep your air clean and fresh, reducing allergies and helping you to enjoy your home’s air conditioning.

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